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Marc’s presentations are inspiring, thought-provoking, educational and entertaining. They’re supported with exclusive Growing Bolder content including video clips and real life examples of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. They provide the tools, techniques and information to transform inspiration into action leading to personal improvement and business development.

Marc speaks regularly on positive aging, personal reinvention, chasing and achieving dreams, the keys to active longevity, marketing to the 50+ market, and the power of storytelling.  



All presentations are modified and tailored to best suit each individual event and client needs. If uncertain about which presentation you prefer, Marc’s signature presentation, Growing Bolder: Defy the Cult of Youth, Live With Passion and Purpose combines elements of all presentations. It’s the go-to presentation and modeled after his new book.


Growing Bolder’s Launchpad to What’s Next: The art of the comeback.

Thanks to advancements in medicine, health care, technology, genetic research, and improved personal lifestyle choices, there now exists a new and unprecedented life stage -- two, three, and even four decades beyond what has been considered normal retirement age. This presents an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, pursue our passions, go back to school, start a new business, repair old relationships, build new relationships, give back to our community, and much more. This fact both excites and concerns men and women of all ages. We all wonder, “What’s next and how do I create it?” Launchpad to What’s Next answers the most important questions, addresses the biggest fears, and inspires the kind of lifestyle change that empowers healthy and active aging. It’s a motivational seminar, an educational summit and a Ted Talk all rolled into a fast–paced, entertaining presentation.

The Science of Growing Bolder: An evidence based playbook for active longevity.

This mind-blowing and inspiring presentation shares in layman’s terms the exciting and encouraging concepts of compressed morbidity, prehabilitation, the health-wealth connection, the longevity paradox, epigenetics, telomeres, functional fitness and more. Told through the stories of ordinary people and illustrated with entertaining videos from the Growing Bolder library, these concepts provide an optimistic and inspiring playbook for active longevity.

The Explosion in Masters Sports: What we can from the world’s most active seniors.

All of those studies that say we must lose strength, muscle mass, bone density, flexibility and speed as we age were done with groups of sedentary adults – couch potatoes. The worldwide explosion in masters sports has provided an entirely new group of test subjects and what we’re learning is mind blowing. Physical decline isn’t a given. In fact, in many cases we can actually get faster, stronger, and more flexible as we age. We can delay our decline and compress our morbidity. We can reduce our healthcare cost and improve the quality of our lives in every way.

Growing Bolder: Defy the cult of youth. Live with passion and purpose

We’ve been deceived by our culture, misled by our media, and lied to by Madison Avenue, Hollywood, our friends, our family and even ourselves. Age is not a disease. It’s an opportunity. An internal ageist self image is sabotaging our future potential, stealing years from our lives and quality of life from our years. In an entertaining and provocative presentation, Marc reveals how we are aged less by our years and more by our belief systems and how we must disconnect from the 24/7 ageist propaganda machine to seize the opportunities of age.

Reaching the Purchasing Powerhouses: Connecting with the most important and powerful consumer in America.

Women 45-65 represent one of the most powerful consumer groups in the world. In many cases, they’re making healthcare decisions for three generations of their family, determining caregiving arrangements for their parents, and making major purchasing decisions for their family. They’re the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, recipients of the largest transfer of wealth in history and the fastest growing demographic across all social media channels. No matter what business you’re in, understanding the new older adult and how to appeal to her changing preferences is critical to success.  Marc shares what messages resonate with this powerful group of consumers and the secrets of reaching and connecting with them.

How to Live Like the Rock Stars of Aging®

We’re entering an unprecedented era of longevity. The first person to live to 150 may already be alive. Growing Bolder has interviewed more active nonagenarians and centenarians than almost any media group in the world.  Marc shares the stories of these ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives, dispelling outdated stereotypes and reveals their common traits that we can all incorporate in our own lives.